JUELL™ 3D has a New Advantage Over the Competition

Now Powered by JUELL™ 3D Flash OC Software

Our new generation of JUELL™ 3D is powered by JUELL™ 3D Flash OC software that prints with optimized accuracy. Thanks to precision optics and mechanics, JUELL™ 3D-3 surpasses its competition in speed, precision and price. JUELL™ 3D-3 is the emerging standard for busy orthodontic offices, implant practices and laboratories. Our software developers have engineered JUELL™ Flash OC to be a state-of-the-art operating system, that seamlessly integrates all the needed applications, and functions to expedite the printing process so that you and your team can spend time on more important things!

PLEASE NOTE: Download is no longer available for JUELL™ Flash OC Software.

Quality in Precision & Reliability

Details that Make All the Difference

Park Dental Research’s newest JUELL™ 3D-3 printer uses DLP technology, which is superior to laser-based printers, and has the highest level of resolution and accuracy in its class. Unlike other popular printers on the market, JUELL™ 3D-3 is known for its ability to rapidly produce a high volume of surgical guides and dental models for aligners and digital dentures. All for just a few dollars per model, and without compromising accuracy.