JUELL™ 3D has a New Advantage Over the Competition

Now Powered by JUELL™ 3D Flash OC Software

Our new generation of JUELL™ 3D is powered by JUELL™ 3D Flash OC software that prints with optimized accuracy. Thanks to precision optics and mechanics, JUELL™ 3D-3 surpasses its competition in speed, precision and price. JUELL™ 3D-3 is the emerging standard for busy orthodontic offices, implant practices and laboratories. Our software developers have engineered JUELL™ Flash OC to be a state-of-the-art operating system, that seamlessly integrates all the needed applications, and functions to expedite the printing process so that you and your team can spend time on more important things!

PLEASE NOTE: Download is no longer available for JUELL™ Flash OC Software.

Quality in Precision & Reliability

Details that Make All the Difference

Park Dental Research’s newest JUELL™ 3D-3 printer uses DLP technology, which is superior to laser-based printers, and has the highest level of resolution and accuracy in its class. Unlike other popular printers on the market, JUELL™ 3D-3 is known for its ability to rapidly produce a high volume of surgical guides and dental models for aligners and digital dentures. All for just a few dollars per model, and without compromising accuracy.

JUELL™ 3D UV Resins

For Market-leading Digital Dentistry

We offer an affordable range of JUELL™ 3D UV Resins designed, developed and tested for market-leading digital dentistry. Our resins are available in a spectrum of colors and various quantities, providing the best value and quality. Ideal for your clinical printing needs.


JUELL™ 3D-3 Product Features & Technical Specifications

JUELL™ 3D Compatibility Software & Scanners:

Don't see your software or scanner listed above? Contact our offices and a trained customer service specialist will assist you with our growing list of compatible software and scanners.

Diverse Applications

JUELL™ 3D-3 allows you to produce models for orthodontic aligners and surgical guides for a fraction of what it would cost to outsource.

3D Printing in a FLASH

  • JUELL™ 3D-3 is one of the fastest 3D printers on the market today. Print orthodontic models for complete clear aligner treatment in less than 18 minutes without compromising resolution or accuracy
  • Builds at speeds as fast as 4.5 seconds per layer
  • Unbelievable accuracy achieved by using enhanced UV/DLP/LED technology and JUELL™ 3D Flash OC software to project an HD image with 1920 X 1080p resolution
  • Print from an intra-oral or tabletop scanner using .STL, .OBJ, .3ds or .AMF files
  • Print jobs are scalable. Build one quadrant or 18 arches and the layer build time remains the same

Innovation that Sets a Standard

  • Includes JUELL™ 3D Flash OC software and hardware
  • Accuracy and resolutions achievable only by current high-end printers
  • Builds to a maximum height of 100mm and offers the flexibility to build 50/100micron

Deliver Same Day

  • Orthodontic models for aligners
  • Surgical guides
  • Trays
  • Casts
  • Nightguards
  • Indirect bonding tray


Technical Specifications

Technology: UV / DLP / LED
Net Build Volume (xyz): 192 mm X 108 mm X 230 mm - 7.25" X 4.25" X 9"
Maximum Build Height: 100 mm (3.93")
Native Resolution (xy): 1920 px X 1080 px
Layer Resolution (xy): 50/100 μm - 25 μm (microns) coming soon
Layer Thickness (z): up to 51 mm / hr
Vertical Build SPeed: Down to 5 μm (microns)
Build Plate: Oxygen Permeable Membrane Alloy
Material: JUELL™ 3D Volo Proprietary
Software: JUELL™ 3D Flash OC - Windows based OS
File Input: .STO / .OBJ / .3ds / .AMF
Electrical Requirements: 100 - 200 v 50/60 Hz
Footprint: 16" X 20" X 28"
Warranty: Limited One Year


JUELL™ 3D-3 is Specifically Designed & Engineered for High Volume Digital Dentistry

Proudly made in America by American Machinists & Assemblers

JUELL™ 3D-3 is all brawn; purposely machined with durable internal and external metal by American machinists and assemblers. Our latest model is built to outlast plastic casings without the concern for cracks and UV exposure to resin. Continual internal resin temperature monitoring ensures optimal performance, along with high-end optics and mechanics to allow for a uniform build across the entire build area with precise build plate positioning. Extended warranty packages and onsite training are available for additional fees. Contact us to learn more.

Excellence in Speed Quality & Precision

JUELL™ 3D-3 Promotional Video

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